Different Things

Release Date: September 26, 2006
Label: Rocket Science

Track Listing

  1. 1. Different ThingsListen
  2. 2. The More I Feel Like Rockin'Listen
  3. 3. She Was SmartListen
  4. 4. A Cowboy and a DancerListen
  5. 5. The Biggest Thing in TexasListen
  6. 6. Just One WomanListen
  7. 7. Saltwater CowboyListen
  8. 8. Cheapest MotelListen
  9. 9. Better Places Than ThisListen
  10. 10. Before I DieListen
  11. 11. Hot Night in the CountryListen


    Like other enterprising country artists, Tracy Byrd is taking a different route to consumers these days. He struck a deal with Artist 2 Market Distribution to handle his forthcoming set, "Different Things." The driver for any new album is always a strong single, and Byrd delivers a hit with this well-written cheatin' song. The lyric paints a picture of a rendezvous in a seedy hotel that, when discovered, ultimately costs the guy his wife, kids and everything he values most, fostering the great hook, "The cheapest motel in town cost him everything." Byrd's warm, rich baritone has always been one of the best voices in country music, equally capable of delivering frisky uptempos and poignant ballads. This fine single signals an exciting new chapter in the career of one of country music's most talented performers. —Deborah Evans Price
  • COUNTRY WEEKLY: ***1⁄2
    Add Tracy to the list of country acts—like David Ball, Marc Chesnutt and Chely Wright—whose switches from major labels to independents brought about vast improvements in their music. Different Things is the first release on Tracy’s own label, and he also co-produced the album. The result is lighter on the fun-but-fluffy songs that brought him hits, and heavier on serious fare about hard choices and hard-won wisdom. There’s fun to be had here for sure, but much of Different Things carries a becoming maturity that validates Tracy’s declaration of independence. Sometimes different is better.
    Tracy Byrd
    Different Things
  • ABOUTCOUNTRY.COM: 4 1/2 Stars (out of 5)
    Reviewer: Jennifer Webb
    Rating - 4 1/2 Stars (out of 5)

    Different Things is another fine album by Tracy Byrd and that's no surprise. He's a consistant artist who rarely has a collection not worth giving a try. From the sultry "Hot Night In The Country" to the Texas swing tune "Biggest Thing In Texas," you just can't go wrong with this eleven song collection.

    Sometimes what you want and what you need can be two "Different Things," as illustrated in the first song. "What I want is to give up, just let go and walk out on us. What I need is to see this through and find a way back to you," Tracy emotionally sings. Growing up, he always did whatever he wanted to do, but now it is time to grow up and fight for something he really needs.
    "The More I Feel Like Rockin'" is about a man who finds the older he gets the more he wants to get out and enjoy life. When he was younger he thought by now he'd be sitting in a rocking chair watching life go by but instead he's out living it.

    You can give a lady all the jewelry and roses in the world but if she doesn't think you are being honest and sincere she'll leave. The man realizes this and tells people that "She Was Smart" to leave him. Now that he wants to settle down, he wishes she were back in his life.

    The "Biggest Thing In Texas" is pride because Texans love their home state. Throughout the chorus and against a Texas swing-like beat, Tracy sings:   "We aren't saying that we're no better. It just seems like down in Texas there's more to be proud of."
    While the man's buddies used to talk about lovin' on different women, he says that "Just One Woman" is all he'll ever love. He won't ever move on because when he's gone too, he'll know he will meet up with her again.

    "Cheapest Motel" is the first single from Different Things. A man seemingly had it all until his wife found out he had been cheating on her. He went from a house in the suburbs with two kids and a loving wife to a low-rent apartment across town and a stray dog he happened to find. He might have paid a low price for the motel room but it cost him everything.

    Getting thrown out of the bar in "Better Places Than This" isn't going to get him down. He knows what to kiss and he's used to the cold shoulder because he's been through the same situation with his wife. She threw him out of the house and that's why he's at the bar.

    "Hot Night In The Country"
    is a sultry song with lyrics containing just the right touch of description. It's enough to let your mind wander, yet know exactly what is going on all at the same time.
    ...As for "Different Things," it’s a typical Tracy Byrd album, which is a good thing. Byrd is one of country’s more versatile artists. He’s been able to produce megahit ballads like "Keeper of the Stars," then release an upbeat, clever hit like "Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo."

    "Different Things" is no different. Byrd makes you cry, then he makes you laugh, and there’s enough of each to make you walk away satisfied. "Saltwater Cowboy" is probably my favorite cut. It tells the story of a cowboy wearing his Stetson jeans and flip-flops getting drunker by the minute as he tries to land a fish. It’s got the memorable line "there’s gotta be a dumber fish down there than I am drunk."

    Then on the very next cut, Byrd comes back with "Cheapest Motel," a sorrowful tale of a man living in a little apartment who’s greeted each night by a stray dog he found rather than his two little kids in his nice home in the suburbs because of an affair.

    As the man says, "the cheapest motel in town cost him everything."

    Again, it’s all classic Tracy, and classic Byrd is a pretty good thing.